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Posted By: Art Thieme
21-Oct-09 - 10:53 PM
Thread Name: A request from kat- new blog posting-April 2010
Subject: RE: BS: A request from kat - in the home stretch
Ah, Kat, even on the phone, directly linked this week past, I never picked up on the depth of your needs. (I can be dense often--and that's a certainty.)

You do know of the many problems Carol has had through all the years. She has to be the bravest person I know. Also, through the years, I've watched her struggle to calm herself, and then, go deep and do deep breath machinations with progressive muscle relaxation until, amazingly, in a few minutes, she is, hopefully, relaxed and a new person -- with real relative calm. ------- Do look for a CD to help you start with breathing exercises. It is real -- and it seems actually to help. And you can do them whenever you need to.

The scores of ECT treatments she has had have done wonders, we think, for the on-going drug-resistant depression -- but the anxiety is a tough old bird. Learn Leadbelly's good song---"Relax Your
Mind!" There was one clued-in dude who KNEW ABSOLUTELY that he, for his own good, had to be able to relax. After singing his way out of prison TWICE, I do suspect he decided to quit tempting fate!

Love to you and Rog,