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Posted By: SaltyWalt
21-Oct-09 - 11:12 PM
Thread Name: A Shanty for Barry Finn
Subject: RE: A Shanty for Barry Finn
This is what I get for being busy and only checking once a day at night. I have so many comments that they all may be Moot.

When this thread was first posted I had hoped there would be a number of people offering different "Chanteys for Barry".

No disrespect to Lonesome EJ, it's awesome that so many folks are coming up with tunes for your words, but are there any other words on the horizon?

There are plenty of folks with stuff to say. I'd like to hear some different voices on this, especially since people seem to have different needs in a Barry Chantey.

To that end, the two tunes I associate with late night Barry and used for my tune were "Bye Bye My Roseanna" and "London Julie". In that order. If folks want, I can invert the order to make it more rousing. That was my original take, but I didn't think it did as much justice to the words as mournful first.

I can really hear Barry doing it either way.

I can drop a recording by.

Now that that is said.
I like Genie's; well suited to the words, just the sort of tune that goes with a long 2nd chorus 5 line stanza, but not Chantey like.
I still think the best way to Chantey it up and "rock out" is Clayton's halliard style version.

And plain and simple David's version is awesome and cool and a great reason to move onto other words to come up with tunes for.
I think it's a gonna stick.