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Posted By: SharonA
22-Oct-09 - 01:24 PM
Thread Name: A request from kat- new blog posting-April 2010
Subject: RE: BS: A request from kat - in the home stretch
Kat: I don't want to come across as sounding mean or unsympathetic -- far from it -- but sometimes one has to just muster the determination to slog on through the sorts of issues you describe. Strangely enough, if one tries to act happy, it can be infectious, not only to others but to oneself as well.

Of course, effective medical care is essential, and it sounds like better times are on your horizon with regard to that. Establishing a regimen of stress-reducing activities (yoga, meditation, tai chi, or whatever you're into) and sticking to that regimen is enormously helpful too.

Don't forget to count your blessings! Among them: Rog has a job when so many have lost theirs; you made it through the pneumonia; you've got the basic housework covered; you've got friends to help with other house-ly duties and errands (don't be hesitant to ask 'em!); you still have the ability to make music! Of course you miss your loved ones who've passed on, but you'll continue to remember them fondly, and life is all about change and adaptation to change. Nobody said it would be easy, fair, etc.; just that it would be life.

I'm not convinced that hanging around the local hospital is a good idea for you if you're still dealing with the effects of pneumonia, especially with the H1N1 flu going around (not to mention the regular flu season starting up!). Hospitals are notorious for having surprisingly poor regimens for cleaning and disinfecting. Why hang out where all the illnesses are? There must be safer venues where you can find peace in performing -- your local library or community center, perhaps? A coffeehouse or bookstore?

Another idea is to find some volunteer work you could do without taxing yourself physically -- something that would take your mind off your situation and let you feel that you're making an immediate, positive impact to help others or to further a favorite cause. For instance, I'm the current President of a local folk song society and co-chair of a local songwriters' organization and so I have plenty of duties I'd be happy to delegate to some additional volunteers; maybe your local music organization has similar needs!

So there ya go -- my version of good energy. (My interpretation of "good thoughts" = hopefully-helpful suggestions!) Don't worry, be happy now! Oooooh, oo-oo-ooh oowah oooh de doo de doo de doo [the Bobby McFerrin tune]... :-)

Sharon Ayyyy