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Posted By: Gibb Sahib
23-Oct-09 - 05:06 PM
Thread Name: A Shanty for Barry Finn
Subject: RE: A Shanty for Barry Finn
I've been working on this little tribute to Barry. Dunno how soon I'll get a chance to record a sample of it, so I'll just put up lyrics here. I echo Lonesome's sentiment in hoping no one is offended by this gesture. Barry was one of the main singers to have inspired me in the last few years since I first heard him. This reflects his impressions on me.

If the meter seems slightly irregular, that's because it fits a particular tune. It's a slow, capstan chantey (the old fashioned kind, without a grand chorus).


Mister Finn we'll miss ye dearly
    Way-ay ay-ay!
Your voice still rings out clearly
   As we say so long to Boston Bay

Heard he'd sailed the wide world over
Being a salt sea rover

Chanteyman and ballad-crafter
Every song shook the rafters

Slight of height, but what a sound, sir!
Raised up in Boston Town, sir

Warm an' round, but tough as iron
Called him the Singing Lion

Filled each room with a roaring voice, boys
Join in and make some noise, boys

Moved his feet in joyful dance, sir
Eyes closed in mystic trance, sir

"Come back down," you'd hear them say, sir
"Else you might fly away, sir!"

Without him we are ten men down, boys
Caps'n won't heave around, boys

Roller-bowler, rock 'n' shake her
Why don't you bend an' break her

Wipe your tears 'way with your flipper
Stand and salute the skipper