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Posted By: JohnInKansas
26-Oct-09 - 05:22 PM
Thread Name: Tech:Running Digital Tradition in Linux/Vista/Win7
Subject: RE: Running the Digital Tradition in Linux/Vista/Win7
Joe O -

Reviews have touted the ability of Win7 to run a "virtual WinXP" so that anything that ran in WinXP would be able to run in Win7.

The clinker, seen only in a very few reviews, is that the "virtual WinXP" is included only in Win7 Premium and Win7 Ultimate versions. (Although reviewers thus far aren't even sure what the various Win7 versions are supposed to be called.)

There is some quibbling in the reviews about whether virtual XP can be purchased as an extra cost add-on for other versions, but at present there isn't enough firm information (beyond the usual pre-release lunatic babbling) about Win7 to be sure of much of anything.