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Posted By: Tinker
26-Oct-09 - 05:36 PM
Thread Name: A Shanty for Barry Finn
Subject: RE: A Shanty for Barry Finn
Okay guys, this is a very rough field recording.... but somehow as I worked out the talk I was giving this weekend to 59 assorted kids aged 11 to 18 on how and why do the work I do, Barry seemed to leave me with a song.   

Hopefully all the stuff I found myself telling them isn't dreadfully wrong, but if it is I'm sure you'll correct me and I'll tell 'em all the truth next time....   When I work these overnight events I tend to get pulled in many directions and as a result I've been known to misplace things on a regular basis...

I think Barry would have enjoyed this crowd. The Chorus is all his.

Tinker and the Diocese of Newark Youth


Where are me keys
Me noggin' noggin keys
I gave them to someone for something
They'll turn up again, it'll work out in the end
And we'll all sing together in the chorus


Sing for the friends, the fun that never ends
Sing through the tears and the laughter
Close your eyes and move your feet
Don't you loose the blippin' beat
And we'll all search together til the morning

Where are me shoes.... I left them somewhere for something

Where is me head ...... I had it last night --or this morning

The kids have all ready folked in a new verse

Where is me wallet...... In a bag, in the trash, in the dumpster... We'll dumpster dive again, It'll work out in the end....

The carpeted floor "ate" all the foot stomping, but you can see the movement...