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10-Aug-00 - 07:27 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 37
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 37
A few years ago, a monster was 'spotted' in Loch Morar, one of Scotland's sea lochs. (The monster was called Morag, naturally enough) This gave rise to the following:

Said Nessie, the monster we know
"I must not stay too long below
I hear there's a horror
Who lives in Loch Morrar
Who's muscling in on my show"

Morag's existence may have influenced 'Nessie' in verse 3 of the following ...

The Monster's Love Song

By yon bonnie banks
Of Loch Ness, dark and deep
Where the monster is seen only rarely
You may hear a lonely tune
If you wander by the moon
And you listen in the morning so early

O Selma my dear one, Selma my loved one
Selma, O how I adore ye
Though it's centuries since we met
I will never more forget
For you've got a strong love spell o'er me

Back in prehistoric days
Back before the last ice age
We would meet in the North Sea water
But then Sweden called you home
And to Scotland I'd return
Now I'm pining for Seljord Lake's daughter

They say Nessie is my name
But it seems a crying shame
To gie a lassie's name tae me, sae braw and handsome
Lassie's names wi' monsters gang
Be it richt or be it wrang –
Except for the Abominable Snowman

I've been listenin' out for news
Folks are now expressin' views
And they think that the sea level's rising
In a century or two
I'll come swimmin' o'er to you
And the waves we'll make, now that will be surprising

Final Chorus
When monster meets monster
And kisses her and hugs her
They brew up a regular tsunami
What a storm in Seljord's lake
When we both the surface break
O Selma, my dear, I'll come tae ye.