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Posted By: GUEST,.gargoyle
27-Oct-09 - 10:25 PM
Thread Name: Tech:Running Digital Tradition in Linux/Vista/Win7
Subject: RE: Running the Digital Tradition in Linux/Vista/W
Joe - partition the disk

Run multiple boots

OR - Boot from a disk - in the CD

Make it READ only

Boot from a USB

Dude - there are a dozen GOOD systems available....AND you still have Windows Seven to build your new machine upon. your experience MUST have realized there are "far-better-trips" down the by-ways.

I.E. Perhaps you have a copy of "CakeWalk" ...that runs on Win98...and you purchased it for $300.00 in 98....AND it does everything (AND BETTER) because you know the loops.

FRICK - Dude - if it works WHY FIX IT????


My bread-knife is G-ma's from 1910, my kitten-knife is mom's from 1961, my pocket-knife is dad's about 1938....Invest in GOOD EQUIPMENT...and it will last through the generations. DOS 2.0 still works.