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Posted By: sciencegeek
29-Oct-09 - 03:20 PM
Thread Name: The Curse of Digitrad
Subject: RE: The Curse of Digitrad
just two cents worth from a techno-klutz....

I personally love to find variants of songs or learn that a song has gone by more than one title over the years. It took three years to get most of the lyrics, but I was thrilled to learn so much about a song that I had made a lyric request for.

But I not enjoy being "vented upon" by a total stranger who may or may not have even paid attention to my actual request and is instead railing about what they assume I said. ... Kind of like the old joke about someone who goes to return a borrowed axe and then gets so worked up about what they imagine will occur when they return the darn thing that when they finally get to the guys door, they throw the thing down at his feet, hollar "and you can keep you d@@mn axe" before stomping off in a huff.

I don't envy anyone trying to maintain order here and strongly agree that a moment of reflection and common curtesy is not too much to ask for.