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Posted By: mg
29-Oct-09 - 03:52 PM
Thread Name: BS: Schoolyard bullying
Subject: RE: BS: Schoolyard bullying
Treat all bullying with extreme seriousness and let school officials and bus drivers know their jobs are in danger if they fail to stop it or fail to do something to engage those who can. I have no pity for the teachers I have seen let bullying go on..or administrators..the idiot principals who would say my vp is in charge of discipline and I am in charge of the academic environment. are in charge of protecting the children and let your assistant worry about the lesson plans. Go after the teachers, go after the bus drivers, go after the administrators.

I learned long ago in a school law class that we are also responsible for reporting child on child abuse to authorities. Do it. Call CPS if you see or know of a situation. Call other people first before you call schools because if they are as bad as they once were (I think things have gotten better) you will get nowhere unless someone sticks their feet to the fire. They just do not think it is there job (or perhaps that is past).

Contact Michelle Obama who has spoken out about mean girls in schools. Tell her to please make this her cause. Don't let the mean girls off the hook. They are sly and awful sometimes. This stuff escalates. Kids commit suicide and murder because of it.

Call CPS if it is serious. Then the school. No action..then the police. Don't wait.

And people who think kids have to be taught to hate..maybe specific targets..but it is innate to pick on the weaker..the pecking order etc. They will unless stopped peck each other to death. They will pick on people for the wrong tennis shoes. Especially hard on kids who are overweight. You protect one group and they find another that you haven't safeguarded. This is deadly serious. mg