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Posted By: Lox
29-Oct-09 - 04:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: Schoolyard bullying
Subject: RE: BS: Schoolyard bullying
"There's a strange irony in 'zero tolerance' policies in a tolerant society wishing to promote tolerance"

Beautifully put Tug!!!

In Primary school the idea of calling the police to deal with inter pupil "racism" is utterly ridiculous.

In the case of an adult who wilfully refuses to learn or understand what racism is, the harm it does and how it has shaped history we can justifiably be concerned.

But children of any age, especially those under the age of 11, are in school to learn.

They cannot be expected to have any sense of context until they have been taught about it.

Kids will use whatever naughty tool is at their disposal when they wish to hurt each others feelings and though they may use racial sensitivities to wind each other up, this will be of no more significance to them than any other means.

The same principle can be applied to kids on the receiving end. They, being kids, don't have the same sense of context and don't need to be made to feel different by people wrapping them up in cotton wool more than their "other race" peers.

Situations can be quickly dissolved with the emphasis being on repairing and nurturing relationships between the children involved and teaching them to deal with their conflicts in a mature way and not by resorting to scapegoating, name calling, violence or whatever else humans do when they can't be bothered to think properly.

Calling the police in cases like this is the act of an ignoramus who completely misses the point.