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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
31-Oct-09 - 01:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: Schoolyard bullying
Subject: RE: BS: Schoolyard bullying
I can't see how having a policy that specifically addresses a particular type of bullying implies that other kinds of bullying are trivial. If you have a policy about smoking you wouldn't expect it to include a section about drinking.

I would have tended to agree in the past McG but you must admit that, unless something is specificaly mentioned nowadays, it tends to get lost. When a policy is introduced it must cover all aspects or none. By mentioning racism in particlar the authorities adopting the policy should be aware that it can, and will, be construed as exclusive of other forms of abuse. And at our school if a teacher told us not to smoke but failed to mention drink you could be sure that at least 2 people would be face down in the gutter before the day was out:-)

Azizi - You did not need to say much. Just by highlighting the fact that taunts do happen between people of the same colour you set me to thinking how complex an issue it was. Your later comment of black/black taunts possibly not qualifying as racism has shown me what a can of worms will be opened if schools do adopt this policy. Imagine what the right wing press would make of a white child being taken to the police on racist allegations because they have insulted a black child, while a black child, using the same taunts to the same child, is not. Crikey - does not bear thinking about!