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Posted By: Lox
31-Oct-09 - 06:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Schoolyard bullying
Subject: RE: BS: Schoolyard bullying
The most important factor to remember in this thread is that we are talking about children.

Children don't think like us and they don't have the same understanding of the significance of racism as we do.

Some kids will push boundaries to be "cool".

They will understand from their parents and other authourity figures that the words "fuck" "shit" "wanker" etc are not acceptable in common discourse.

They will use them anyway among their friends to garner respect.

They will know from their parents that fighting is not acceptable behaviour, yet push boundaries by "proving" how "hard" they are.

etc etc etc.

If you are a kid and, from your childish perspective and understanding, you know that you are not allowed to call someone by a racist term of abuse, there is a chance that you may decide to use one because you are showing off how freely you break the rules to your peers, or just to fulfil some kind of private fantasy of how cool you re etc etc etc.

Kids are different.

Education is the answer as is understanding.

Hearing a child come out with racist opinions or abuse is heartbreaking.

Calling a child racist is like calling a puppy irresponsible.

You can prove your statement right, but it remains utterly farcical.