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Posted By: MGM·Lion
03-Nov-09 - 04:03 AM
Thread Name: BS: Schoolyard bullying
Subject: RE: BS: Schoolyard bullying
'...but racism is a problem that is growing and is infectious and needs to be stamped out at its root - which is in the home.'

I'm not too sure about that, Leveller. Racial attitudes can just as easily be passed around among a peer group, adept at noticing and exploiting differences with which to 'attack' the 'outsider'. I am sure there are parents who would be horrified if they heard some of the attitudes expressed by their little darlings in the playground. In my days as Head Of Upper School in a comprehensive, I lost count of the parents who would say to me, "We'd hate you to think that was the sort of thing we've brought him/her up to say/do."