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Posted By: PHJim
03-Nov-09 - 02:17 PM
Thread Name: F-style or A-style mandolin?
Subject: F-style or A-style mandolin?
I almost high-jacked the Eastman Mandolin thread, but thought better of it.
   What difference in sound is made by adding a scroll to a mandolin? I can't understand why adding a big chunk of wood to the top side of a mandolin would make it sound better. Is the scroll so desirable for appearance only, or does it actually contribute to the sound. I have played both A and F models and there have been some of each that I loved and some of each that I didn't care for.
I've also played an Eastman 605 (A-style) and an Eastman 615 (F-style) and couldn't see much difference. What do other mandolin players think? It seems like a very expensive strap hook if that's all it adds.