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Posted By: Willie-O
04-Nov-09 - 09:41 AM
Thread Name: F-style or A-style mandolin?
Subject: RE: F-style or A-style mandolin?
The other difference between sound from f-holes and round-holes is this. Remember, the holes are there to project the sound out of the instrument, not to collect it from the strings (sound silly but I unconsciously believed the latter for a long time. Since the f-holes are on the sides of the instrument, whereas the round or oval hole is in the middle, the f-holes project more clearly, with no muffling or baffling from the sound passing out through the strings, and much less sound blockage from the player's right hand (assuming a right-handed player).

For years I thought I wanted a round-hole, and finally got one, but I find I want to switch back to f-holes, A or F style body, doesn't matter. I play Celtic but my playing style is kind of aggressive and I like the immediate attack (in terms of note production) and low action of a bluegrass-setup instrument. I tend to overdrive my current main instrument, the round-hole, when I play fast. It does have the longer sustain, but in the end that's not as important to me most of the time. I liked an Eastman 505 when I tried it out--top feels very alive, compared to the round-hole.