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Posted By: Amos
04-Nov-09 - 12:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
You analytical party-pooper, you!!!

Here's my latest infatuation, Mark Morford, SFO columnist:

"Let us hereby leave aside the ugly reality that, good intentions or no, we are essentially bombing the moon. Let us also ignore for a moment all the extant garbage we've already dumped into near space, the thousands of dead satellites, spent rockets, parts and bits and alien spacecraft, a veritable Pacific Garbage Patch of junk circling just out of our visual periphery. Ah, noble science, thou polluteth like a sonofabitch.

Let us, instead, speak of the force and flow of human consciousness, about our incessant need to move and learn and explore and even blow crap up to get there, wherever "there" might be.

Let us examine what the Hindu wise ones call spanda, that ever expanding/contracting meta-awareness of the universe, a flowing energy pulse that is always seeking to discover and rediscover itself in new and variegated forms (as my reliable Sanskrit informant Chris Wallis reminds me). It's just like God, minus the dogma and the guilt and the angry bearded grandparent, the coloring books and the repressed priests and the organized religion and the sinning. Otherwise, same."

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