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Posted By: Jim Dixon
05-Nov-09 - 11:49 AM
Thread Name: Origin: Billy Don't You Weep for Me (Nic Jones?)
From the Bodleian collection, Firth b.25(51):


Now Sally, where are you going, that you are dress'd so gay?
I'm sure I have not asked you to take a walk today.
You have not asked me, well indeed! That's tidy cheek of you.
One would think there was no more young chaps, but I've got a dozen or two.
Oh! little Billy, don't you cry for me.
I'm going to St. James's Park my Cousin Joe to see.

Your Cousin Joe, why, who is he? But he's a soldier, I can tell,
For I know you're fond of lobsters, both raw and boiled as well.
My Cousin Joe's a guardsman, and he is a handsome chap,
For he wears such find mustachios, and a stunning hairy cap.
Oh! little Billy, don't you cry for me.
I'm going to St. James's Park my Cousin Joe to see.

A swaddy! what's the use of him? He never can keep you.
You'll have to work from morn till night; that's what you'll have to do.
You must make shirts at a penny each, or else stand at the tub,
Or take my word, there's many a day you'll go very short of grub.
Oh then! Sally, you'll have to cry for me,
So hook it to your Cousin Joe, and sit upon his knee.

Now in about a twelvemonth after, Sally came back to me.
She said that she was sorry she ever had that spree.
She wanted me to take her back. Says I, it is no go.
Do you think I'm such a noodle? Go back to Cousin Joe.
Oh no! Sally, you can't come over me
For I see you have got a babby to dance upon your knee.

Bill, I never thought you'd serve me so. You'll really drive me mad.
I'll have you up before the beak and swear you are its dad,
And when you get before the bench, they will not let you speak.
You'll have to keep the young 'un, or pay half a crown a week.
Oh, cruel Billy how can you serve me so?
I'm sure the child belongs to you and not to Cousin Joe.

Next week she got a summons, but she found it was no go,
For the magistrate decided that the child belonged to Joe,
So she went into Bill's back yard, and quick the door she shut,
And she then committed susanside! in the water butt.
So all young ladies take advice of me:
Beware of soldier cousins, or you'll get a baby on your knee.