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Posted By: GUEST,Sarah The Flute's Galoot w/The Loot
10-Nov-09 - 11:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: Secret Santa messages 2009
Subject: RE: BS: Secret Santa messages 2009

I've drawn a top-drawer Flute-Of-The-Room this year, and I'm here to see that my assigned piper gets properly paid! So I thank you very much for posting your hints, as we've little time to spare, and I must assign research and delivery elves to select the finest Goodies in the shortest amount of time. You may get a Surry-based elf or maybe some sort of surrogate elf, providing they can slip under the Surry Gates, but you may hear from one soon.

Cheap and interesting? I prefer things that way, myself!

Trinket, you say? Well consider yourself trinked or trunk or whatever.

"Galoot"? Well that's a term I picked up from some old Yank Cowboy movies. I don't know whether the plural is "Galeet" or whether there are "gal-loots" and "guy-loots" (I assume that a female could be one, as well), but the term usually conjures up the image of some old bearded guy such as Gabby Hayes, or more to the point, like the image of dear himself Santa Claus. All I'll ask of you in return for what bounty comes your way is that you use your previously mentioned cartooning skills to conjure up your own image of what your Santa looks like from these messages and send it to me afterwards when all is finally revealed and hopefully not reviled.

All for now, much to do, little time!