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Posted By: Ed T
10-Nov-09 - 08:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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Chimps "nighty time" story corner:

I work at home, so I was looking for a place to relax on days when I had quite a bit to accomplish, otherwise I would never get any work done!

Let me start by saying that paying someone to bathe me normally goes against my grain. But, sometimes it's necessary when the weather is too cold outside and one is waaay overdue.

After checking websites and calling for details, I thought it would give it a try. According to the website, for a self-serve bath, they offer shampoo, conditioner, brushes, towels, nail trimmers, ear and teeth wipes, and a blow dryer. Just in case, I brought my own nail trimmers and grooming scissors. First off, there was a short wait, which was not soo unpleasant cause I got to watch others preparing for their bath time.

I paid only $15 to use their tubs, which is fairly cheap for what should have been a hassle-free bath for me, since I am a woolly mammoth. having long thick hair that is high maintenance, grooming-wise.

But once I got into the bathing area, everything went straight to hell. This was my maiden voyage and they knew that. The lady explained only part of the process, which was the shampoo and "here's some brushes". I had to ask for nail trimmers (wanted to use theirs cause mine are dull… but ended up with mine anyway). No ear or dental wipes were made available and the kicker is they leave you alone and if you have a question "whatta ya gonna do"???

I know some of my disappointment may have been colored, because I completely freaked about being left alone. The bath areas were really high and I feared falling off. Also, there was alot of noise and distractions. So I wanted to hurry up , since not having all the tools handy was a problem.

Finally, I get in the tub and go to shampoo… and the shampoo is just like water. I even had to hunt someone down and ask if I had the right stuff? And they said yes, "it just doesn't suds up". WTF? Alone, how do I know where I've cleaned and then how do I know if I've rinsed it all off? I burned thru 2 bottles of this, "cleaning water" (O had to hunt someone down for 2nd bottle and believe me, I din't like asking). The guy in the next stall had to use dial hand soap when he ran out of said "shampoo". There was another guy there bathing and he asked if this was that my first time? Cause, he said he'd been before but things had changed, namely the, so called shampoo, and he was not happy either.

I do smell a little better now. But, from now on I will rely on my own supplies at my own house. I just hope it gets me thru the cold months!