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Posted By: GUEST,Ange
12-Nov-09 - 11:26 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Millionaire / Winning Dream
Subject: Lyr Add: MY WINNING DREAM
My Winning Dream

'Twas early Friday mornin' as I cycled into town.
The front wheel it was wobblin' and the mud guard fallin' down.
The two legs on me trousers were tied up with bits of twine,
And a pension book was telling me a pint would soon be mine.

"Howya , Mr. Murphy?" said the postal clerk to me.
"Not too bad," says I, "for a man of seventy-three.
The fox came to me house last night and stole me only duck."
"Buy a lottery ticket," she says. "It might change your luck."

Well, I took the little girl's advice and I gave to her a pound.
Outside I scratched me ticket with the penknife I had found.
Well, I nearly dropped me trousers and I grew a head of hair
When I realized I was a bloody millionaire.

No more hay or turf to save, no more feedin' calves.
One kick from me big boot and the bike was in two halves.
I headed for the local. Sure I was feeling great,
And friends I never knew I had came in to celebrate.

Not long after that, I had a new suit on me back,
A new red car outside the door with a telephone on the rack.
The ould wife was wearing a blonde wig where her gray head used to be,
And the Wellington tracks had disappeared from just below her knee.

I sat there admiring the new dress that she wore.
A lovely set of teeth she had installed the day before.
I held her oh so tightly like when I was a groom,
And we looked rich and graceful as we waltzed around the room.

Twas then I got an awful shock. I thought I'd nearly die.
I spied my ugly missus as I opened up one eye,
With rollers in her old grey head she nearly made me sick.
"Get up and milk the cows," she says, "you ravin' lunatic."

It was then I realized that it was all a dream.
The cow was lowing in the yard and the cat was at the cream.
Our bike was strewn in the hedge. Me trousers had a shine.
ah but twas lovely while it lasted, that winnin' dream of mine.