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Posted By: CarolC
12-Nov-09 - 06:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cyber Relationships. are there a lot?
Subject: RE: BS: Cyber Relationships. are there a lot?
I met my husband (Jack the Sailor) here in the Mudcat. He's Canadian, and I'm USAn. He was living in Georgia when we first encountered each other online, and I was living in West Virginia.

We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary in October. We've known each other for about 8 years, although each of us was aware of the other for several months before that. I would say it worked out very well.

The important thing in meeting people in any setting, and especially in long distance settings, in my opinion, is to not be looking for someone. I think people usually get bad results when they're crusing for a mate in any setting. We got to know each other over time with no expectations of anything more than casual online interactions, and we found ourselves becoming best friends during that time.

Shortly after we got married, one of JtS' good friends made this remark, after JtS and I had been engaging in some smartassiness together, "Carol, you are so the right woman for him". Sometimes it's necessary to widen the pool of potential partners in order to accidentally bump into the right one.