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Posted By: GUEST,Sarah The Fluter's Elf Tutor and Recruiter
12-Nov-09 - 09:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Secret Santa messages 2009
Subject: RE: BS: Secret Santa messages 2009

It took my elf quite a while to figure out the town and surrounding area and to actually locate you and hear the music. He gets easily distracted. He stopped at the track toi see if they might need a part time jockey. He stopped outside one pub and listened on the sly to a local shanty group that call themselves "The Epsom Salts". He stopped by The Ashley Center to make sure your gifts were far beyond anything to be found there. He stopped in places you'll never know where only the wee folk go.

How do I know this? There are other elves assigned to other people
in your area who report back to me not only about whether the Santees have been good but whether the other elves have been good. If one seriously misbehaves in the course of his or her duties, it's back to the sweatshop and the toy assembly lines. Only the finest and most trusted elves get to do scout work and get to travel. You never see the wee folk, but they're all around you with places to stay and ways to live their own social life. Just don't ask too many questions and just believe and you shall recieve a bountiful box of
treasures untold, cheap thrills surpassing your wildest dreams.

......if, of course, you're good.