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Thread Name: Lyr/Tune Add: Geordie
Subject: RE: Tune Add: & Lyr Add: Geordie
From the notes to the Penguin Book (1959):

"This well-known both in England and Scotland.  The Scottish sets differ considerably from the English ones, for in them the hero is not a thief but a nobleman, thought by some scholars to be George Gordon, Earl of Huntly, who suffered royal displeasure when he showed clemency towards a Highland robber in 1554.  In the English versions, which may be re-makes of the Scottish, the main character is always an outlaw.  An old black-letter ballad names him as George Stoole of Northumberland, who was executed in 1610; but even in its "robber" form (if that is the more recent) the song probably pre-dates the 17th. century.  Mr. Neville's tune is related to the well-known air of  Searching for Lambs.  Geordie has been found in oral tradition also in Sussex (FSJ vol.I [issue 4] p.164 and vol.II [issue 8] p.208), Cambridgeshire (FSJ vol.II [issue 6?] pp.47-9), Somerset (FSJ vol.II [issue 6] pp.27-8 and vol.IV [issue 17] p.333), Norfolk (FSJ vol.IV [issue 15] pp.89-90), Suffolk, Surrey and Dorset (FSJ vol.IV [issue 17] pp.332-3) and Yorkshire (Traditional Tunes, Frank Kidson, 1891)."  -R.V.W./A.L.L.

This version was collected by Cecil Sharp from Charles Neville of East Coker in Somerset, in 1908, and was first published in the Folk Song Journal, vol.IV [issue 17] p.333.

Other versions on the DT:

Gight's Ladye   Collected from William Walker, 1907.  Full text from Grieg MSS, with tune, transcribed from The Singing Tradition of Child's Popular Ballads (Bronson).  At the time of writing, the link to the midi file (GEORDI5) is not working.
Geordie   Robert Burns' version, with two tunes.  The second (GEORDI3) belongs with the Burns text; the first (GEORDI3.1) appears to be an English one.
Geordie   From Folk Songs of Canada (Fowkes), with tune.
Geordie   No source given; perhaps transcribed from a record.  No tune.
Georgey  American version, with tune.

Child #209
@outlaw @ransom @prison @love @animal @death

There is an entry at  The Traditional Ballad Index:

There is a version at Lesley Nelson's  Child Ballads  site:
Geordie  With historical notes.  Appears to be the version collected by Cecil Sharp from Mrs. Overd of Langport in Somerset, in 1904; with tune.

There some broadside versions at  Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads:

Maid's lamentation for her Georgy   Printed between 1819 and 1844 by Pitts, Wholesale Toy and Marble Warehouse, 6, St Andrew Street, Seven Dials, London.
Maiden's lamentation for her Georgy   Printed between 1828 and 1829 by T. Birt, 10, Great St. Andrew Street, Seven Dials, London.
Death of Georgy   Printed between 1820 and 1824 by W. Armstrong of Liverpool.

These are large images.