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Posted By: alison
14-Aug-00 - 02:10 AM
Thread Name: worst songs from musicals
Subject: RE: worst songs from musicals
The worst songs usually become laughable to me because of the terrible rhyme of the lyrics...
"Neenya", from "the Pirate" with Gene Kelly

I think it was meant to be Nina a girls name but they pronounced it to rhyme with weird things

Neenya, Neenya Neenya Neenya
you give me schizophrenia /paraesthenia etc.....

Howard Keel did one in another musical

"If Scherazadee knew how to move her body (pronounced "baddy")


another one from the pirate, this time Judy Garland sang

from Guadelupe to Barbados,
give in to his desperadoes"

I hated Cats, there are two good songs "Memory" & "Macavity", the rest was instantly forgettable, (good costumes and dancing though.)