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Posted By: Escamillo
14-Aug-00 - 03:15 AM
Thread Name: Gender and the soprano voice
Subject: RE: Gender and the soprano voice
Thanks Alice, now I understand, and I liked the song too. I realize I had heared yodeling singers, it is just what German and Swiss Alpine folk singers do, and it is indeed into the tune. In my opinion it is easier for women, because the high notes are emitted in a position very close to the normal soprano head voice. I guess it is harder for men, since we would have to change rapidly from chest or head voice to a real falsetto which is very artificial for the male voice. However those folk Swiss or German singer master the technique very well.

This technique respects the melody, and adds an ornament, that is not what I mean by "voice break", when the notes are difusely high and out of tune, and never sustained so long, the jumps are always at the end of a word or phrase. I'll look for an example.

Joerg, you are close to the masters of the Alpine technique, I guess you may find someone to teach you and very probably you will succeed. I would only say, don't force your voice trying alone. The teacher will know when to stop, when to go higher, etc.

Un abrazo - Andrés