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Posted By: Bat Goddess
25-Nov-09 - 02:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Secret Santa messages 2009
Subject: RE: BS: Secret Santa messages 2009
No, no, no! Not African river dwellers! And not a part of the brain, either! (Already have an intact brain, thankyou.)

Greek mythological creature with the head of a horse and the tail of a fish -- Poseidon had a stable full to pull his chariot.

I have a HUGE collection -- I have eight. Been collecting for almost 30 years. These critters are not only mythical, but damned hard to come by. Passed up one once and have been kicking myself ever since. It was a wooden antique, probably had been part of some piece of furniture. Wasn't particularly pricey, but I was suffering from St. Francis's distemper at the time. (Sigh...and have been since.) Should have snagged it, though. (Could have skipped eating for awhile.)