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26-Nov-09 - 02:32 PM
Thread Name: Holy Modal Rounders Roundup
Subject: RE: The Holy Modal Rounders
A bit of Rounderian background. In the olden days, there was Peter Stampfel and Steve Weber and they did wonderful, impossible, madcap things with old timey music. At one point they joined up with the Fugs, but then went their own ways. Eventually Stampfel and Weber went their own ways. The band expanded, bringing on board the likes of Sam Shepherd on drums. Robin Remaily (author of "Euphoria") got involved. They briefly moved to the Boston area and picked up Roger North (from Quill) and Teddy Deane (from Martin Mull's Magic Midget Band). Peter went back to NYC and started up groups like the Moray Eels and Unholy Modal Rounders. Weber and the rest of the band moved to Portland, OR and teamed up with Michael Hurley's pal, Jeffrey Frederick. When Weber fronted, they were the Holy Modal Rounders. When Jeff fronted (usually with his lady friend Jill Gross) they were the Clamtones. Things happened along the way, like the wonderous record "Have Moicy." A few HMR records. Jeff's "Spiders in the Moonlight." Weber and Stampfel are like some kind of strange physics model of a binary star system ever attracting and repulsing one another. Right now, they no longer even talk. He died 12 years ago. Jeffrey's widow, Kathryn Frederick started Frederick Productions and has been putting out CDs of Jeffrey's music (including a remastered and expanded, "Resurrection of Spiders in the Moonlight" never before on CD). She also put out "Steve Weber, Holy Modal Rounders B.C." documenting the Portland-based group. I met and married Kathryn and have been putting up videos of Jeffrey Frederick and his bands on You Tube, MySpace, Facebook. Here's Jeff's site: Tunes and more on Jeffrey and his friends, including Snock. We hope to eventually put out a new, Have Moicy like CD with Stampfel's Rounders, Robin Remaily, Kevin "Bingo" Richey, and Teddy Deane. Meanwhile, the Freak Mountain Ramblers keep the old spirit alive here in Portland, including Teddy and Roger North and the amazing Dave Reisch, who played with 'em all and still does. You can find them, too, on You Tube.