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28-Nov-09 - 12:06 AM
Thread Name: BS: Here's One For 'Spaw.......
Subject: RE: BS: Here's One For 'Spaw.......
Catspaw bin kinda bizzee wif the turkey day stuff an he sez i was not to be messin wif hiz computer but i jus luv ta reed all thiz stuff and post sum when i git chanz. So i lookt at thet movie ya postid Miz Jac an it reminded me uv Paw. Paw letz em fly alla time and he sumtimes he sez stuff like "I think I herd a buck snort" wen we all nu it wuzza air biskit. Thet kinda stuff iz norml but Catspaw izza diffrent story.

But see whut I wuntid ta ax ya wuz iffen thet feller wuz reely gettin a fax in hiz butt? Me an Paw and Connies kidz wuz in Catspaw's kitchen one time and he ripped a big one an one a them lite bulbz in the chandaleer blew out. I aint kiddin an I got reel witnesses thet saw it too. It skairt the hell outta me an now whenever Catspaw farts I git all fuckt up in my hed and piss my pants.

So me an Paw an Buford wuzza wundrin iffen Catspaw duz git ta whair he gits a fax in hiz ass we all gonna need sumwhairs elz ta live an maybe ittid be ok fur uz ta come an live wif yu an Kendall or maybe Sinsull or Holly or Jeri or sumbuddy up thair. Weed be much obliged just ta know thair wuz sumwhair ta go.