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Posted By: Amos
28-Nov-09 - 02:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Oh men may boast, and men may talk
Of works of art that made them squawk
But none in the creative flock
Can be compared to Little Hwk!

The man refuses to get stuck!
When others stall, he onward trucks!
There's none quite like this bold Canuck!
(At least, to those who give a fuck!)

When he by Spaw as all dismayed
And thought he might not make the grade
He did not blubber, sad and limp.
He went and dreamed up Chongo Chimp.

And then to prove his inspiration
He then made up Shatnerization,
And Corridus the Hamster, too
From out his fevered spirit flew!

Success inflamed his fervid brain
And led him next to dream up Shane.
And thought brought murmurs from the bar,
From folks who thought he'd gone to far.

But Hawk no brakes would he put on,
He dreamed up Shanes big brother, Don,
And then he still refused to stop,
And brought us Dana, J--a cop.

And on he goes in endless hurry
Creating visions in a fury!
Not always delicate, by thunder,
But rich in blood and great in number.

All this would bring him endless fame
(Especially that asshole Shane)
But Hawk is not quite right, we feel,
When he asserts these dreams are real.

He poses them as full of pride
And angry feelings kept inside
And if one challenges their verity,
He blows his stack with great asperity!

And so instead of praise and glory
His characters grow pale and hoary
As people keep a safe remove
(As honest folks it doth behoove)

Not out of fear, nor condescension
They back away from his pretension,
But from his willdness, their defection
Is more to guard against infection!

Oh men may dream, and men may talk
Of the grandest schemes of Little Hawk,
But they stand well back from his confusion,
So as not to catch his sheer delusion.
And so preserve their normal sanity
From Chongo's slang, or Shane's profanity.

Winifred Simmilarion-Jones
Winsome-on-Occasion, Surrey, England