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Posted By: GUEST,Blind DRunk in Blind River
29-Nov-09 - 01:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
I did not own ALL of them flippin' snowmobiles, Hawk. They was borrowed from people that didn't use 'em enuff. You gotta use a mashine regular or it don't run right. I was doin' them a faver. Then there was the OPP boat. I flippin' STOLE that one and I ain't sorry about it neither! I would have took it and pond it if I had not hit the flippin' rocks first. I hate cops. Them flipheads are nothin' but trouble for desent people like me and most people I know. What is a cop good for? NOTHIN'! They are like a flippin' tooth ake dressed in a unaform. They are like a diseese lookin' for a host, man!

All accept for Offiser Dana. She is a flippin' angel in a uniforme and one day we will get marryed.

As fer you...RAPAIRE! You are a flippin' corkpullers' corkpuller!!! You ain't worth shit on a stick, man. One day I will get really ticked and yer flippin' useless life will come to a sudden flippin' end.

Flip. Don has just told me that its' illeagle to make flippin' death threats on the flippin' innernet. What the flip do I care? It ain't like I go arownd all the time tryin'to obdey every flippin' law, eh? Get real.

- Shane