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Posted By: GUEST,Joerg
14-Aug-00 - 10:35 PM
Thread Name: Gender and the soprano voice
Subject: RE: Gender and the soprano voice
ww - you know I'm not the man to rape women when I meet them in the dark. (Trying to be a gentleman I would of course never tell that to a girl who just didn't hurt me badly, so please try to forget my fault here.) But on the other hand - sometimes in the dark I'm also a little frightened asking myself: "Will she think she's less than a goddess to me if I don't even try?" Should I post that in the current AARGH thread?

and alice - aren't you at least a little ashamed for posting a sound clip like that with the beginning of the tune clipped and without telling the title?


Without joking now:

First - WHAT AND WHERE IS THAT SONG? I'd commit harder crimes than thread creeping to get it. (BTW I am not afraid of being too far away from the original topic. Singing techniques as the one used by ww here are very close to those that enable a man singing at almost soprano pitch, and remember that the word in the headline is only 'gender', not 'everything except adult male'.)

ww - What I was originally interested in is also what you are doing before the yodel, and I also didn't think of yodeling when this first came to my mind. Do you also have the impression that there's a difference? Moreover - I can't 'yodel' at all but I am almost able to sing along with you - doesn't sound good and I can't do it loudly enough, but it works.

It seems to me that yodeling as done in the alpine regions (as I know it) is still different, and I'm far from having any relation to that. You know there are very well-trained yodlers doing things which would keep your mother from ever telling you again that you are yodeling instead of singing if she heard that. Yes, they are mostly women but also some men. I am hardly interested in such acrobatics but what can hit me is when those singers do quite normal, especially slow songs. They are sometimes using their yodeling techniques some way that really should be considered a serious aspect of singing - without any danger of damaging their voice at all I suppose. Unfortunately I'm also far from being an expert for this kind of - yes - folk music (shame to me).

Which reminds me of uillean pipes. When the players are trying to prove how good they are - what a noise! But some slow air, also when inserted as a solo into some slow, tender song, played with feeling and emotion can suck my heart into the bellows.

Andrés - I promise that I will try to get some sample of Shakira's brea////music.

Keep on yo////singing.