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Posted By: MGM·Lion
07-Dec-09 - 12:05 AM
Thread Name: music from the film 'the wicker man'?
Subject: RE: music from the film 'the wicker man'?
I think the WoW [or the other ballad it originally belonged to pre-AndyIrvine which slips my mind for the moment] tune was used becoz it just sounds so good as a slightly sinister sounding march tune to begin that final parade which led up to the WickerMan climax. I have never felt it was intended to convey any further 'message' than that.

To the poster right back there in 03 who expressed shock-horror at the idea of BrittE's bum-double, must have been a very innocent & unobservant fellow: it is evident straight off that the back nudie shots are of a taller, slimmer woman with straighter & slightly longer hair: not even a very good match for Ms Eckland.