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Posted By: Monique
08-Dec-09 - 04:24 PM
Thread Name: ADD: V'la l' Bon Vent (Ian & Sylvia), in French
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: V'la l' Bon Vent (Ian & Sylvia, in French
The 1st line of the chorus is (with accents and all)
"V'là l' bon vent, V'là l' joli vent..." which means "here comes the good wind, here comes the pretty wind..."

"visa le noir, tua le blanc" means "(he) aimed at the black one and killed the white one", it's the verb "viser"="to aim" not the verb "voir" (to see) both in preterit tense.

"et nous ferons un lit de camp" means "and we'll make a camp bed"

"Nous coucherons tous deux dedans" means "we two will lie in it", it's the verbe "coucher" (to lie down) not "cacher" (to hide)