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Posted By: GUEST,Bryan Williams, Austin TX
09-Dec-09 - 01:11 AM
Thread Name: ADD: V'la l' Bon Vent (Ian & Sylvia), in French
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: V'la l' Bon Vent (Ian & Sylvia, in Fr
Wow, people are still interested in the topic!

Monique - I appreciate the corrections!

Mrrzy - the alternate lines you cite (trois dames s'en vont les ramassant...") seem to be most common. In fact, I can't find any other version exactly like Ian and Sylvia's. They seem to have mixed and matched lines and verses among variants.

Another line that is commonly found, but left out of theirs is, "Oh fils de roi, tu est mechant!"

The section about the gathering of the feathers and making of the bed seems to be significantly expanded in other versions.

It also appears to be more common for the song to be sung in the form:

Chorus AAB Chorus BBC Chorus CCD, and so on - which I imagine works better as a call & response song, with a leader giving the new line at the end of each verse and the others repeating it at as the start of the next verse.

Ian & Sylvia instead use the form:

Chorus AAB Chorus CCD Chorus EEF, and so on.