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Posted By: Folknacious
09-Dec-09 - 06:20 PM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger Evening on BBC Radio 2
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger Evening on BBC Radio 2
The Young Folk doing Pete Seeger hits were struggling with the limp datedness of some of the songs in this day and age, though Jim Moray was genius on Turn Turn Turn and Jackie Oates & Alaistair Roberts got as much as you can out of Where Have All The Flowers Gone.

I thought Billy Bragg was pretty good considering he was tiny when a lot of that was going on: you have to bear in mind that Donovan has an ego the size of a planet, I once heard him on radio or TV claiming that he influenced Dylan and not the other way round, so the 60s info probably came from him! And re Billy Bragg putting tunes to Woody Guthrie words, remember it was Woody's daughter Nora who invited him, he didn't just muscle in. I think he's a good bloke with his heart in the right place. Rather him than Mike Harding.

So Pete Seeger finally admitted the axe story was sort-of-true after all! Interesting to hear the story behind Waist Deep In The Big Muddy and the TV show - thought they might play a bit of Dick Gaughan's classic version..

As for Springsteen: over-rated.

All in all though, it's the sort of thing our licence fees rarely get used for. Now, about that Carthy/Watersons season on BBC4 TV . . .