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Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Les Chansons de Geste Et Autres Chansons de Notre Mere de Touts BS

The Ballad of Thirty Three

The Dramatic Epic of Thirty Two

A Short-Haul Shanty

The Rising of the Mom

The Ballad of Olde Twenty Nine -- Part the Foiste

The Ballad of Olde Twenty Nine -- Part the Seconde

The Ballad of Olde Twenty Nine -- Part the Third

The Ballad of Olde Twenty Nine -- Part the Fourth

The Incredible Tale of Olde Maw an' The Gale

...And Follow to a Better Land

Some Say the World Will End...

Prelude to the Quest for Eighteen Grand

The Quest for Eighteen Grand

Pull Not My Leg, Dear Lamb...

Oh, Great Delight!

The Dramatic Ballad of The Seventeen of Grand

Oh, Mom, The Hour Is Growing Late

Only a Poor Ne'er-Do-Well

Moving Out For Seventeen Grand

The Instructional and Dramatic Tale of John Faustus, Rapaire, and the Devylle

The Absolutely Fantastic Adventure of Brave Sir Amos, Knight of the Table Round and Sans Pur et Sans Reproache

Turning and turning in the widening thunder...

The MOABite ran like a wolf to the fold...

A tayle of Wyves and Kayes


The Ballad of Bolde Rapparree

The Mystery of BWL

Ruminations on Transcendent Truth Amongst Friends

I love that Gluon is or is not there

You're sixteen, you're beautiful, and you're Mom

M is for the million things she gave me by Rapaire

Celebrating Mom's sixteen thousandth post

It Will Be Fourteen Grand

A Library Without a Roof

That Thirteen Thousandth Post

Poetry from Hector Bluebawlz edited by Rapaire

Anne Shalespeare Steal Her Husband's Stuff Edited by Rapaire

Rustic Rebel loves to pome

Mystic Rustic Memes

Rapaire's Song of Himself

The Mudcat Maxie Ballad

John Hardly's Et Al Mudcat Talkin' Blues

Please MOAB dear MOAB come home by Rapaire

This Message Doesn't Bounce by BWL

Oh faded memory of the great MOAB by Rustic

In the Shadowy Tendrils of Bullshit

No Business like MOAB Business by Rapaire

C'est moi! C'est moi! by Rapaire

I am a young man who has gone wrong by Rapaire

I'm an old MOABite poster by Rapaire

The Unreconstructed MOABite

As I rambled out on the posts of the MOAB by Rapaire

The Icons of Mudcat

The Sad Ballad of the Plagiarist

To Find the Bold Rapaire

Hymns to The Mother

B is for the beauty (Edited by Stilly)

"M" is for the "M" by BWL

Bullshitters Bible by Rustic Rebel

Praise to Our MOAB by Rapaire

The Core Aphorism of the MOAB (BWL, reposted by Rapaire)

The MOAB Maid by Rapaire

Ballad of a Poor Folkie


Pore King Khandu has khum undone by BWL--First Poem of the MOAB

The Ballad of the Ole Twelve Grand Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

Post Twelve Kay in the Morning by Rapaire

Gather ye BS while ye may by Rapaire

The Wreck of the Old MOAB by Rapaire   

"When twelve thousand postings shall besiege thy brow" by Rapaire from W.S.(page down)

On the Yrain to the Big Twelve Grand by BWL

Way up high in the Mudcat peaks by Rapaire

My Last DuckDog by Rapaire

I Really Want the Last Word by ranger1

I can't stop now by Rustic Rebel

How high's the BS, Mama? by BWL

Editor's Note: Some partial pieces and lines of lesser note, untranslated insertions in other tongues and other extreme pieces have been omitted for the sake of clarity)