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Posted By: hesperis
16-Aug-00 - 02:28 AM
Thread Name: Wanted: Songs for alcoholics!
Subject: Lyr Add: GOD OF WINE (Third Eye Blind)^^
My absolute favorite Christmas carol, I've loved it since before ever I tasted ale --- Yech! Blft!

Wassail, Wassail ~ Traditional

"Wassail, wassail all over the town
Our bread it is white and our ale it is brown..."

Wish I could remember the rest... Sang it in choir a few (too many) years back for a reading of A Christmas Carol.
My favorite arrangement is by Chip Davis of Mannheim Steamroller, very 80's but it's been the traditional Christmas album in my house for a long time now.

I know slightly different lyrics, I'll have to find them now. And we sang it much faster than that midi is at. This is close enough though.
Mudcat RULEZ!

Here's anither, I much prefer wine:

God of Wine ~ Third Eye Blind
(I really don't know why I like this song. It's not good. IMHO.)

Every thought that I repent
There's another chip you haven't spent
And you're cashing them all in
Where do we begin
To get clean again
Can we get clean again

I walk home alone with you
And the mood you're born into
Sometimes you let me in
And I take it on the chin
I can't get clean again
I want to know
Can we get clean again

The God of Wine comes crashing through
The headlights of a car that
Took you farther than you thought you'd ever want to go
We can't get back again
We can't get back again

She takes a drink and then she waits
The alcohol it permeates
And soon the cells give way
And cancels out the day

I can't keep it all together
I know...
I can't keep it all together

And the siren's song that is your madness
Holds a truth I can't erase
All alone on your face

Every glamorous sunrise
Throws the planets out of time
A star sign out of whack
A fraudulent zodiac

And the God of Wine is crouched down in my room
You let me down
I said it
Now I'm going down
And you're not even around
And I said no...

I can't keep it all together
I know...
I can't keep it all together

And there's a memory of a window
Looking through I see you
Searching for something
I could never give you

And there's someone who understands you
More than I do
A sadness I can't erase
All alone on your face

It's a good song for just chillin' to, though.

*How* did it get to be 2:31 AM?!
Ye Gads!