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Posted By: oggie
16-Aug-00 - 04:37 AM
Thread Name: Gender and the soprano voice
Subject: RE: Gender and the soprano voice

As we rotate back to thread (but it's been fun!) there is a big difference between two voices singing seperate lines in a duet and blending 8 voices per side singing in unison. In the latter case all the problems referred to earlier come into play.

When the Cathedrals hold voice trials not only are they looking for musicality but also for voices that 'fit' into the overall sound of the choir - some boys get into one choir having been rejected elsewhere because of their voice not fitting.

It is subjective but to my ear Lincoln's girl choir sounds different to the boy's choir. Not better or worse but tonally different. It's a much more individualistic sound with a greater range of peronalities apparent but lacks the oneness which has been the hallmark of much liturgical music.

The experience has also been that there are parts of the choral repertoire (especially the Mag/Nunc settings) which don't seem to work for the girl's choir. The choir mistress used to say that suitable repertoire was one of her greatest challenges.

As a slight digression, next week (20th - 27th August) sees Edington Music Festival take place in Wiltshire. The festival is based in the church and consists of liturgical music sung in context so it's a week of Matins, Eucharist, Evensong and Compline sung daily with a wide range of settings from different eras. Should be fun!

All the best