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Posted By: Acorn4
14-Dec-09 - 05:04 AM
Thread Name: great crabby artists
Subject: RE: great crabby artists
I've heard reports that Ralph McTell has been known to throw his toys out of the cot on occasions, though I've never actually seen this.

Sometimes artists can be crabby with very good reason and this put me in mind of a Dougie McLean story. He was doing a gig in the seventies in Leicester and this was in the days of vinyl. During the interval when he was selling his merchandise, a drunken bum spilled a pint on the box of albums, at which DM was, quite understandably, not very pleased.

I only mention the story because, about 15 years later, that drunken bum became Lord Mayor of Leicester. If I ever bump into DM at a festival, I'm sure he'd take some comfort in knowing that.