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Posted By: GUEST,Sarah's Slightly-Draggin' Sleigh-er
15-Dec-09 - 09:00 AM
Thread Name: BS: Secret Santa messages 2009
Subject: RE: BS: Secret Santa messages 2009
Sweet Sarah Of The Woodwinds,

The package, after a slight repackaging, is far enough on its way to Surrey in a hurry that it would be folly
(la-la-la, la-lah-la-lah!)
to turn back at this point and besides, I'm looking forward to secretly dropping it off....

"There were few at the scene
But they all did agree
That the sleigh-er who ran
Looked a lot like me......" this fellow Kenny can die mysteriously at your party and you won't be implicated. The police will deposit it to their IRA account and go off chasing red herons, scarlet ibises and the like in their clueless manner. Yule still get your much-merited present and it should be worth your wait, maybe even in gold. A few of the elves went overboard this year.....

(No Sarah, the sleigh DOESN'T have a plank and they were forgiven because they still brought it all in under budget. Aaaaaarrrrrgh! "Yard Sales In The Sunset......")

.....So go ahead and let yourself go at your holiday bash and my scout elf can tell me just what it IS that you do at these sessions that might cause you guilt. If the elf gets it on film (or captures Kenny's demise, for that matter) it will be put on next year's account for next year's behavior scan for next year's Santa List.

But I assure you that this year's Pole-winning Santa will be a hard act to follow. (In fact, it might be a hard act to merely follow these long messages). Yule hopefully find your Claus pretty sharp this year.

So get to work drawing your cartoon portrait of Santa before you find out who she or he actually is, and if you find a good picture later on Facebook or a Cat thread, you can draw a caracature of the real thing, as well.

Or have you ventured a guess or two already?

Be good, Be-lieve!

Rest ye merry, Gentle Lady,
Your Santa

And play a good tune for me tonight of your choice.