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Posted By: Sarah the flute
15-Dec-09 - 02:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Secret Santa messages 2009
Subject: RE: BS: Secret Santa messages 2009
Santa I am clueless as to your identity. I'm guessing you've taken a holiday from the North Pole to Ingerland. Once you reveal yourself (no perhaps I shouldn't have said that) I'll get pencil to paper for your portrait.

Off to kill a few Kenny's now
The party is really the same as the other sessions every Tuesday but with one exception....the invasion of pork! This consists of sandwiches (inch of bread, inch of ham, inch of bread in thickness) and garnish (pork pies cut into quarters) and if we are really lucky sausage in a basket (a basket with about a hundred chipolata sausages in it oozing with grease!)

I'll play you a tune or two