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Posted By: The Vulgar Boatman
16-Dec-09 - 05:56 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Roy Roger Um / Hi Ho Jerum / Hi Ro Jerum
Subject: RE: ADD: Roy Roger Um / Hi Ho Jerum
and another one...

There was an old man and he lived in Jerusalem,
Glory hallelujah, hiro jerum,
He wore a top hat and he looked very sprucelum,
Glory hallelujah, hiro jerum.

Hiro jerum, Oh, hiro jerum,
Skillimarinkidoorium, skillimarinkidoorium,
Glory hallelujah, hiro jerum.

Now outside his gate there lived a human wreckelum,
Glory hallelujah, hiro jerum,
He wore an old hat with the brim around his neckelum,
Glory hallelujah, hiro jerum,

The poor man asked for a piece of bread and cheeselum,
The rich man answered, "I'm going to call the policelum"

The poor man died and his soul went to heavelum,
And he danced with the saints 'til quarter past elevelum,

And there he dwelt in Abraham's booselum,
Fraternising there with scores of other Jewselum,

The rich man died but he didn't do so wellelum,
He couldn't go to heaven so he had to go to hellelum,

The rich man asked for to have a consolelum,
But the devil just answered, "Shovel on the coalelum"

The moral of the story is that riches are no jokelum,
And we'll all go to heaven 'cause we're all stony brokelum…