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Posted By: RTim
17-Dec-09 - 03:34 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Johnny Sands
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Johnny Sands
I have been singing this version for over 35 years, and can't remember where I got it from?
There is a copy in Anne Warners book - on page 151.

Tim Radford

There was a man named Johnny Sands
Who married Betty Haig
Although she brought him gold & lands
She proved a terrible plague.
Although she was a scolding wife
Full of caprice and whim
He said that he'd grown tired of life,
And she'd grown tire of him, of him
Oh she'd grown tired of him.

He said I think I'll drown myself
In the river down,
Pray do she said you silly oaf
I wished it long ago.
Said he upon the brink I'll stand
And you stand on the hill,
And you run down and push me in,
She said my dear I will I will,
She said my dear I will.

But fear that I should courage fail
And try to save my life.
Pray tie my hands behind my back,
I will replied his wife.
She ties them fast as you may think
And when securely down,
Now stand there John upon the brink
And I'll prepare to run to run
And I'll prepare to run.

Down the hill his loving wife
She ran with all her force
To push him in, he stepped aside
And she fell in of course.
Splashing, dashing like a fish,
Oh save me Johnny Sands,
I can't my dear though much I wish
For you have tied my hands my hands
For you have tied my hands.