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Posted By: Nynia
16-Aug-00 - 05:31 PM
Thread Name: Who's Eric Bogle?
Subject: Lyr Add: HE'S NOBODY'S MOGGY NOW (Eric Bogle)^^^

Somebody's moggy by the side of the road,
Somebody's pussy who forgot his Highway Code,
Someone's favorite feline pet who run clear out of luck
When he ran onto the road and tried to argue with a truck:
Yesterday he purred and played in his pussy paradise,
Decapitating tweety-birds and masticating mice.
Now he's just six pounds of raw minced meat that don't smell very nice.
He's nobody's moggy now.

All you who love your pussy, be sure to keep him in.
Don't let him argue with a truck; the truck is sure to win.
And out on the busy roadway, don't you let him play or frolic,
'Cause if you do, I'm warning you, it could be catastrophic.
If you let him play out on the road, I'm afraid that will be that.
There will be one last despairing meow and a rather squelchy splat
And your pussy will be slightly dead and very, very flat.
He's nobody's moggy, just red and flat and soggy.
He's nobody's moggy now.


This song got into DT under the title "Nobody's Moggy" -- an unfortunate mistake. The correct title is "He's Nobody's Moggy Now". Title corrected in this message. --JoeClone, 17-Sep-02.