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Posted By: Jim Dixon
23-Dec-09 - 11:09 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Polar Bear and Crocodile (D Stevens)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE CLIMATE
I found this version, with no attribution, amongst a bunch of camp songs, here: There's a midi file, but it sounds like SWEET BETSY FROM PIKE a.k.a. VILLIKINS AND HIS DINAH.


We sing of the Polar bear fearless and bold,
He never feels hot and he never feels cold,
Because where he lives summer never occurs,
And the rest of the year he wears plenty of furs.
Sing ho! for the land at the top of the sphere,
Where furs are in fashion all times of the year.

The Crocodile lives in the tropical belt,
And neither the cold nor the heat ever felt,
Because in the winter his summers begin,
And the rest of the year he wears crocodile skin.
They have winter suits in the Tropical Zone,
And most of the crocodiles furnish their own.

Now, we poor unfortunates live in a clime
That calls for at least three full suits at a time;
A thick one and thin one for days cold and hot,
And a medium weight for the days that are not.
But still, tho' the climate be all that you say,
We're here and we think we'll continue to stay