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Posted By: catspaw49
24-Dec-09 - 06:37 AM
Thread Name: will this work 13,17,26,42,46,56 (guitar strings)
Subject: RE: will this work 13,17,26,42,46,56 (guitar strings)
All sorts of combos "work" but the variables are amost endless. From the style, size, and construction of the guitar itself tothe type of music you play and your picking style and preferences, the list just goes on and on. Then of course there is the construction and type of materials used in the strings too...............and how much and how often do you play?

Some players assemble custom sets but most of us settle in on something after awhile for each guitar. I like GHS strings myself but use three entirely different sets on three guitars. Go experiment.

AND WAVYFWBR---"a full-on lap steel, such that you'll need not just nimble paws but knees and feet, to-boot!" You don't need knees and feet to play a Lap Steel.    What you are thinking of is known as a "Pedal Steel" like this classic, vintage, Fender Sho-Bud.