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25-Dec-09 - 10:51 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Somerset Girt Dog of Langport
Subject: RE: Folklore: Somerset Girt Dog of Langport
Oops - I guess I mean the opposite of the heliacal rising: the rising of the star in the east (vs. setting in the west), first visible just after sunset. Of course, the heliacal rising of Sirius, in Canus Major, is in August: the Dog Days of summer. I'm new to this part of astronomy, and don't have my "sea legs" yet.

Here's a thought about the Silver Headed Pin: perhaps the Maid with the Silver-Headed Pin is indeed Virgo, disappearing into the sun in the west in January: opening "the door to let us walk in".

Sirius, in Canis Major, and Spica, in Virgo, are two of the very brightest stars in the sky; several ancient calendars used the rising and setting of prominent stars to mark special points in the year.