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Posted By: Joe Offer
17-Aug-00 - 03:50 PM
Thread Name: Skepticism and the Zither.
Subject: RE: Skepticism and the Zither.
I guess I've learned to be skeptical of people who spend their lives seeking the Truth. You know the ones - they want an investigation of everything, and they'll spend their lives digging up every so-called "fact" behind the deaths of JFK and Princess Diana. They seem to think there's a black-and-white answer for everything - if only they could find it.

I gave up seeking Truth long ago. What I look for nowadays is perspectives and insights. If we don't know the answers, we can find out what a wonderful thing it is to ponder the questions. Wonder and mystery are marvelous things, and so is the zither. Heck, even the word "zither" is a wonderful thing to ponder.
So, Rick, I think you oughta go to the Getaway this year and get Ferrara to give you a zither demonstration. Then we can get together and wax philosophic about zithers and the wonders of the universe.
-Joe Offer-