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Posted By: Ebbie
17-Aug-00 - 05:22 PM
Thread Name: Skepticism and the Zither.
Subject: RE: Skepticism and the Zither.
Thread Pull-out: Joe Offer, I agree with you. The answers are not nearly as important as I once thought. Knowing the right questions is much more interesting. I wrote a song once 'Sun and Rain' that has this verse:

Through the years I had seen my life blown by the wind
Soaring high and then dashed to the ground
Finally I wondered just how much I'd squandered
Having every wind that blows toss me around

Bridge: A good man's not always right, nor the bad one always wrong
Things are not always black or white as I'd thought my whole life long
'Stead of haste I've learned patience and deep gratitude for questions
The answers can wait, that, at last I have found.

There was a time I wanted the answers locked down for all time. Not possible. But I do love a lively discussion on ghosts (all facets), crop circles, UFOs, esp, clairvoyance- hey, I love it all.